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  1. Check if your Eligible for Remote Notarization

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  3. Verify your Identity and take a picture of your ID

  4. Connect to you Notary Agent and digitally sign your document

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How to get started

Quick Information

  • The cost for Remote Notarizations are $35 for Two RON notary stamp. (each additional Ron notary stamp is $10)

  • Please reach out if you need more than two.

  • Remote notarizations might not work for you if your credit has a lock on it. Please, unlock if you plan on doing remote notarizations. Because, this is tied to your identity being verified.

What is an Remote notary

A Remote notarization is a process where a certified, approved Electronic Notarization Notary use an electronic notary signature and seal information on an electronic document (such as a PDF file). Once affixed to the electronic documents, the document is rendered tamper evident such that unauthorized attempts to alter the document will be evident to relying parties.

System requirements

To make your Remote notarizations run smoothly. Your going to need a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet or a desktop computer (Mac or PC) with a web camera and audio capability. Make sure you have good internet connection or secured Wi-Fi connection that allows for online audio-video conferencing.

Types of documents we Notarize

 We can notarize these documents types of documents: Mortgage documents, jurats, affidavits, signature witnessing, verification documents, oath or affirmation, deeds, deeds of trust, Power of Attorney, wills, ask our team about your documents needs.

Requirements for remote Notarizations

  1.  A U.S Citizen

  2.  A Valid Social Security Number

  3.  A valid U.S. driver's License or State issued ID

  4. Credit History

  5.  A valid U.S. mobile number

General FAQs